Welcome to Small World Child Care In Columbus Ohio

Welcome to Small World Child Care located in Columbus, Ohio. Our staff is committed to providing the highest level of education for each child, and every teacher is recruited from among the best local and national education teams. We provide safe and structured learning opportunities that keep children engaged and excited about the learning process.

With many different choices for child day care in Columbus, Ohio we try to stand out from the others by focusing on the quality of our learning environment for children of all ages, beginning with infant care. Our program includes activities to help infants reach learning milestones while still providing nurturing care and attention to each infant’s needs. We have special programs for preschool aged boys and girls to get them ready for the structure and schedule of the modern classroom. Our programs also complement home-schooled children and children attending school online.

At Small World Child Care, we understand that every child’s parent or guardian is a vital ally in the education process. We reach out to parents with news of their children’s progress and any concerns or opportunities we uncover. We welcome questions and invite parents to visit our classrooms to observe the learning process. Parental support is crucial in helping children make the most of their learning opportunities, and for this reason we are excited to offer parents a variety of volunteer opportunities.

Small World Child Care offers learning space for each age group that is separate and geared towards helping children learn without the distractions that can come from being with other age groups. We also limit the number of children in each class, which maximizes learning opportunities and allows teachers to give more individualized attention. Your children’s safety is assured because we value safety as much as each parent or guardian.

We invite you to schedule a tour Small World Child Care in Columbus, Ohio, to see our learning facilities, and see why you should choose us over other child day care facilities. We know you will be as excited as we are about all that we have accomplished here, and to discuss all that we will accomplish with your children in our program. Welcome!

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